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Property Management


Your destination for the highest standard of dependable, all-inclusive property assessment and management.


Whether you own residential single family units, multi-family units, apartment buildings or associations, we specialize in providing a professional evaluation and complete operation plan, so you can rest assured that your assets are under the watchful eye of the very best in the industry. Plus, we require no long-term contracts.


Our services include:

Property/Assessment Management
We conduct a Property Audit and develops a comprehensive operational plan for your assets.

Tenant Screening
All potential tenants are screened following the Fair Housing Act.
Tenants are given a written code of conduct stating expectations of both the tenant and our Property Management division.
Our goal: find the best tenant for each rental unit while ensuring everyone’s rights are protected.

Rent Collection
We collect rent and tracks rental payments on each unit, diligently pursuing any tenant in non-compliance with the rental agreement.

Landlord Tenant Evictions
Eviction notices are served to all tenants in violation of the code-of-conduct and to those who fail to meet the financial obligations of their rental unit.

Financial Record Keeping
Our team keeps a complete accounting record of each rental unit, providing a complete financial statement for each group of properties.

Building Maintenance
Our team understand the importance of building maintenance to ensure your real property assets grow in value.
Our office has contacts with a complete line of building trade professionals.

Distressed Property
Own a distressed property? No problem.
We specialize in working with property owners and building trade professionals to guarantee that new life is infused into distressed property so it can be put back on the market for rent or sell.

Our staff has the expertise you can count on to oversee the management of rental units in receivership and those being considered for receivership.
We oversee any project and construction needs of the property toward renovation, rental or possible sell. -for more details about receivership click here.

You can contact us here.

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